San Benito Strength is a private training facility for men seeking to attain optimal levels of strength and performance. Most of today’s gyms pride themselves on being “inclusive” and for everyone. San Benito Strength however, is an exclusive gym for only those who demand greatness from themselves. If you are a man and would like to honor your inner warrior spirit by becoming the strongest version of yourself, physically and mentally, then San Benito Strength is the gym for you. We have training programs that serve competitive athletes at all levels, business owners, husbands/fathers, law enforcement officers, weekend warriors, and men of all ages who share in common the pursuit of excellence in life. And yes, we train in a barn.

We are here to help you, and help one another:

  • Build real world, functional, manly strength.
  • Improve athletic abilities.
  • Build lean, dense muscle.
  • Get stronger physically and mentally.
  • Develop confidence and mental toughness.
  • Get a physical and mental edge over the competition in sport and/or career life.
  • Achieve greater mental clarity and energy on a day to day basis.
  • Train in a fun and supportive atmosphere.
  • Maximize natural testosterone and human growth hormone production by manipulating certain diet and training variables.
  • Develop and reclaim lost mobility.

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In order to maintain the integrity of the gym and its reputation for results, not all applicants are accepted.

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