Into The Depths of Training

The following is an excerpt from a new SBS training program that will feature short essays and writings by Terence Mitchell. I am fired up to be joining forces with Terence to help the men of SBS uncover deeper meaning in their physical training, which will further assist them in becoming the strongest versions of themselves.  There will be a short and powerful essay that will accompany each week of intense training. I have also included a sample workout below as well.

Into The Depths of Training

We have been lied to. And what’s worse is that we have believed the lies. We have read  all the motivational memes on our social media feeds; the ones telling us that we are beasts, savages, and killers. We have been warned to not give a fuck, because doing so is not cool, not alpha, and makes us weak; and so on this day or that day or whatever day, no fucks were given.

We have been told that we are unique, and even special, and because of this, encouraged to violate the canons of cause and effect along with the laws of nature. We consider ourselves individuals, as we sip our Starbucks Frappuccino and update our Facebook profiles on our smartphones; as if being an individual is even possible in a world of 7 billion air sucking souls.

We’ve been fooled into believing that should the fragile foundations upon which our egos reside were to collapse, we would rise to the occasion. But here’s the thing: the occasion would crush us. Because despite the motivational memes and the Hollywood movies that suggest otherwise, there is no rising to an occasion. There is only sinking to the depths of our training; that dark and unforgiving place where blood boils, limbs ache, and lungs burn; that place where men are at their worst, their most cowardly, and most pathetic. That place where all they want to do is quit; and the only thing they are able to focus on is the pain.

Training reveals the truth about a man, and more importantly, what he is capable of; it offers an insight into his character; it holds him to a standard. It binds him to the truth.

Max Effort Lower

1. Warm up x 3 rounds of the following:
- Kettlebell Swings x 20
- Terminal Knee Extensions (TKE’s) x 25/leg
- Side Planks w/hip hinge x 10/side

2. Zercher Squat (use fat bar if possible) – work up in sets of 5 until you get to a tough weight (RPE of 9), then continue working up in 3′s until you get close to a 3RM (RPE of 10). 6 total work sets (3 x 5, 3 x 3)

3A. Rack Deadlifts - Work up in sets of 5 until you get to a weight you could probably get 10 with. Stay there and do 2 more sets of 5. Then, for your last set you are going to do a ball busting set until you get to 20 reps using the rest/pause method. The rest/pause method is when you go about 1 rep shy of failure, rest 15 to 20 seconds, knock out more reps, rest 15 to 20 seconds etc. Push hard on this but stop each round before technique breaks down and make sure you are keeping your back in good position. Fire your glutes hard to initiate each rep. All reps are from a dead stop. DO NOT bounce off the rack pins. Keep going until you get to 20. Set the pins or blocks at a point where the bar is just slightly below your knees. Use a double overhand grip and straps. Also, feel free to use chains for more overload at the top. The Rack deadlift is still my favorite back builder. 5 total work sets (4 x 5, 1 x 20)
RPE – 8, last set 11 RPE

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3B. Weighted Pull ups – Work up in weight until you get to a challenging weight but can get 5 sets of 5 with. You can do these with a neutral grip or on a straight pull up bar. DO NOT use straps for these. On the last set, drop the weight and do as many reps as possible with your bodyweight. This drop set should be done after your rest/pause rack deadlift set. 5 total work sets (5 x 5)
RPE – 9, last set 11 RPE

Do the following as a giantset:

4A. Glute Ham Raise – Do 3 sets of max reps with bodyweight.

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4B. Reverse Hypers – Do 3 sets of 20 reps with a moderate weight to provide spinal traction and drive blood to the low back. If you don’t have a reverse hyper, do some form of back extension.

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4C. Hanging Leg Raises – Do 3 sets of max reps. Shoot for between 10 and 20 reps per set. Keep legs as straight as possible. On the last set, after failure, do as many reps as possible just driving your knees up.

5. SBS Sled Slaughter – Load up a sled with your current bodyweight and pull it for 10/40 yard drags (5 fwd,5 bkwd). Set a timer and push yourself hard on this. Get it done as fast as possible. Your hamstrings are going to light up and your quads should feel like they want to rip off the bone! Your lungs should also be burning! Finish hard! Try to get this done in less than 8 minutes.