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The Power In Our Hands

My doctor said that at as a drug free lifter I could not possibly continue to increase my strength as I entered my mid to late thirties.
In this video are a couple PR’s for you doc. Also, some awesome training from last week in the barn.

Start The World

It was a great privilege for me to be a guest on author Jack Donovan’s Start The World podcast.

The topics:

-How and why I started San Benito Strength

-Men’s only

-Don’t ask permission

-Culture of honor vs. culture of acceptance

-Under the radar

-Building better men with ‘The Iron’

Click here to listen to the interview.



Outwork The Opposition


The Reckoning

Reckoning: the time when your actions are judged as good or bad and you are rewarded or punished.

Time to turn your back on all the popular fitness fads and allow your training to truly reshape you.

Time to outwork the opposition.

Time to train with manly aggression.


The Origins

There are only TWO ways in strength training AND life – the easy way and the right way. If you are choosing the easy way, then you better lower your expectations significantly. If you are choosing the right way, then stop complaining when it gets hard because it’s supposed to be hard. Understand that concept and save your money when the next Anthony Robbins book comes out telling you how to live life. Countless self-help books cannot begin to teach you what consistently putting heavy iron on your back will.

The Origins (Fearless), music by Epic North.


Kill it! Kill it!

In the time of this new dark age, all areas of human endeavor, including physical culture, have been plagued by modernism. But deep within the ruins lies a stronghold of men ready to rise up from the ashes and reclaim their civilization.

Our. Fire. Still. Burns.



Today We Fight

Pretenders to the throne!

SBS still reigns!

Glory, Strength, Faith, and Honor.

Featuring the lost art of the bottom position squat, The Ironmind Roller, Log Work, and footage of the armor building phase for the ‘Off The Grid’ football program.





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A New Era

The Only Way is The Way of Victory!


New SBS Promo Video

To Glory.


You nor I will probably ever witness this in person

Are You a Man?

“One in twenty thousand men can press his bodyweight. Are you a man? ” – Fr. Bernard Lange

Sons of Fr. Lange Initiation – Bodyweight Strict Press

Date – 7/26/2013
Name – Hunter Cuneo
Bdwt – 215 lbs
Strict Press (No belt, no wraps) – 225 lbs x 3
Witness – Jake Livingston

and other awesome pressing footage…